How you can help

Dar a Luz Honduras work includes providing much needed doula support to women in public hospitals, introducing childbirth education in local facilities, teaching medical and midwifery skills and holding seminars and workshops to healthcare providers, therefore we contribute to improve birth outcomes. We are organizing donations, and in the countryside we are collaborating with traditional midwives.

You can support Dar a Luz’s work in many different ways.


Help us raise funds so we can continue improving maternal and infant health.


There are many different ways volunteers can help with our work. These include doula work, supporting childbearing women in public hospitals, reinforce and train clinical skills towards local staff,  holding our childbirth education classes, or work with health care centers and traditional midwives in rural areas on our different projects. We are also appreciate support … Continue reading Volunteer

Our Wish List

Dar a Luz  works in different areas to improve pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care in Honduras. From work with traditional midwives, to rural health care centers, to women’s workshops, to support women during childbirth, the materials in our wish list can benefit a great number of women in truly significant ways.

Our Shoe Project

Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. 76% of the population lives in poverty. Many children in disadvantaged areas are without shoes, which is particularly difficult in the rainy season. Lack of shoes is an important health issue for children, as parasites can easily enter shoeless feet and effect children’s health and nutrition. All types of shoes … Continue reading Our Shoe Project